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Human Capital Support Programs

Over the past five years MRC, has had the opportunity to work with a number of organizations that have led to affiliations and sponsorship with their portfolio and client companies. Each of these organizations faced different challenges, all of which are common to any organization no matter how well run. These issues can be complex, frustrating and at times overwhelming.

In conjunction with your portfolio management group, MRC will develop a comprehensive and customized package of Human Capital training, development and direct support services. These services will help your portfolio companies cope successfully with the challenges of managing and leading people.

The programs will be Relevant, Focused, and Proven. The goal is to give all of your organizations access to the best and most cost effective tools possible for managing people and improving operation. MRC’s demonstrated capability in helping leaders manage through their personnel issues, will provide you with powerful and “value added” solutions for improving your Human Capital practices.

  • Recruitment & Selection - Quarterly seminars will also focus on how to recruit, select and orientate personnel. In addition, specific tool sets that MRC has created will help in the process of actually defining positions requirements and related selection criteria. These tools will also be available online and include phone assistance if required. If requested MRC can actually handle the recruitment as an additional service.
  • Team Building - MRC will incorporate a complete training program on how to build and manage teams as part of a special training series. MRC will come on site to provide specific training to your organizations staff to help them get their process started.
  • Goal Setting & Performance Management - These key foundations of communications will be reviewed in depth at each of our training programs. As needed, MRC will come on-site for a general staff orientation.
  • Compensation Planning - Every compensation plan we develop is designed to match the client's business objectives and industry. We understand how organizations change and facilitate that change with strategies that smooth the transition from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Policy Development - A detailed resource manual that is backed with both online and phone support. Each quarter, directors and their supervisors will be able to attend seminars that will focus on important topics while providing a general review of policy legal issues. These seminars are free to subscribers.

Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Support “Hot Line”
  • Review of Recruiting Practices and Turnover
  • Benefit Plan Review and Design Development of Position Descriptions, Policy and Employee Handbook
  • Employee Communication Programs
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis of your Organization
  • Identification of Potential Responsibility Changes
  • Surveying and Benchmarking Compensation
  • Development of Special Compensation Programs including Salary Ranges

Comprehensive Human Capital Support for Private Equity -
Development Seminars


Leadership Development

We will work with all levels of management to provide the understanding and techniques needed to direct the development of your Organization and its people. We work with you to:

  • Identify the “Core Competencies" for Your Organization/Employees
  • Conduct a Strategic Development Session for Managers
  • Involve Employees in Supporting the Organization’s Goals
  • Promote Employee Action & Responsibility
  • Support Quality, Productivity & Customer Service Improvement Processes
  • Create Audit Systems for Strategic Plan Review

Performance Management

Programs customized to match the Organization’s culture and organizational challenges.

  • Designing the Appraisal Process
  • Linking Performance to Pay
  • Employee & Manager Training
  • Monitoring the Process & Managing the Underachiever

Employment Practices

Training sessions in “core competencies” for managers and staff. Typical courses cover:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Interviewing/Selection
  • Career Planning
  • Managing Workplace Diversity
  • Team Building & Communication
  • Improving Work Processes
  • Managing the Underachiever
  • New Policy Initiatives
  • Managing Change
  • Strategic Development Events

Supervisory Skills

  • Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
  • Employee Counseling & Discipline
  • The Manager as Coach
  • Job Design & Description Development

Goal Setting

MRC's unique approach to managing “Critical Success Factors” (CSFs) will position your organization to succeed.

  • Establishing Goals
  • Defining Critical Success
  • Identifying Gaps