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MRC's unique approach to dispute resolution ensures that a thorough and objective review is conducted before a recommendation is proposed.

Fundamental to understanding the issues at hand is knowing the questions to ask. Our broad experience across many industries gives us the ability to bring practical insight. Our experiences in managing employee / management relations allows us to see below the surface and identify root causes that, if not addressed, will erode long term and productive relationships.

Our staff of dispute resolution professionals are committed to doing what is right for all concerned. We recognize that our credibility and the credibility of the dispute resolution process is vital if the company is to win employee commitment. Recommendations are fully developed and explained in such a manner that everyone understands that we understood the dispute.


The Dispute Resolution Process

The dispute resolution process begins even before a dispute is brought before us. MRC develops a complete understanding of your company's business, competitive markets, and employee relations culture. We assess your current human resource policies and, where appropriate, will make recommendations intended to avoid problems. We will assess your supervisors leadership styles and offer suggestions to improve communications and problem resolution. It is our hope that through proactive assessment and training to actually avoid the dispute resolution process.

  • Phase 1: Policy, Leadership and History Assessment
  • Phase 2: Management Training and Employee Orientation on the Dispute Resolution Process
  • Phase 3: A Series of Development Programs Focusing on;
    • Leadership
    • Giving Counsel
    • Managing the Underachiever
    • Employment Practice and The Law

In the establishment and implementation of the Dispute Resolution Process MRC's team of professionals draws upon their collective experiences in employee/labor relations, compensation, performance management and training to obtain the right decision. Our staff does not make decisions in a vacuum. We require that all decisions (and relevant background data) be shared with our entire Arbitration team. Our Dispute Resolution Process forces us to think "outside the box" thus ensuring objectivity.