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Management Resource Consultants, Inc. (MRC) is a progressive, results oriented organization providing comprehensive services for resource management. We can help you recruit, train, and keep the right people, and create an environment in which they - and your business - can flourish and succeed. Our ability to improve the profitability of your company is the measure of our success and value.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Organizational Development & Process Improvement
  • Market Research, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Executive, Managerial, Technical, Recruiting
  • Compensation Analysis & Planning
  • Employee Development & Communication

Each of these disciplines is interrelated, and together form an integrated solution that empowers your company. We can focus on one or all of these areas depending on your needs. Few organizations can provide such a comprehensive approach to supporting your business.

The services we provide concentrate on the needs of your organization as determined through in-depth analysis. Programs and solutions proposed by MRC are tailored to the unique challenges confronting your company and industry. We remain responsive to your business needs through frequent and productive communication with your organization. MRC brings "world class" experience and solutions to our clients that will directly impact their bottom line.